G2 density


24 hours graph


7 days graph


30 days graph


365 days graph

This page shows how many leaves each hub is connected to. It is grouped into 50 leaf increments. So for example the "0 - 49" row indicates that X number of hubs have between 0 and 49 leaves connected to each of them.

Hubs with more than 349 leaves are grouped together in the graph. The individual groupings are still shown in the Current Data table below.

The major graph change on 2011-07-03 was caused by a bug fix. I discovered that the graph has always been calculated incorrectly and was including hubs that hadn't yet been verified to be online so that slanted the numbers toward zero. In the week leading up to the major change the density can be seen steadily decreasing and that is what brought my attention to the problem. What is causing a larger number of unresponsive hubs to show up on the network? I do not know yet.

Current Data

Hub density
0 - 4930
50 - 9914
100 - 1497
150 - 1999
200 - 24910
250 - 29910
300 - 3491
350 - 3992
Hub density grouped by uptime
Uptime (hours)Average Leaf CountHub Count
0 - 341.1010
4 - 760.2711