A new crawler blog

First the actual crawler program had to be stopped on its original host and I took over. Then the website that hosted the stats and pretty graphs of the crawls went down and never came back. So I set up my own website but it didn’t have the graphs. A while later I managed to recreate the graphs as well using Munin. So to keep alive my tradition of adopting the evicted and forgotten I am starting a blog to replace the old crawler blog which has now dropped off the internet.

I don’t know that I’ll have much in the way of actual news to share so don’t expect frequent updates.

The latest news on the state of the crawler is that it tends to die every day or two. I don’t know what is causing it to stop. Also my attempts at getting it to start itself back up haven’t been successful. So there are lots of gaps where it has stopped and I haven’t started it back up yet either because I’ve forgotten about it or can’t be bothered to. If someone nags me periodically I’d probably keep it up more.