The State of G2

I was reading the Gnutella2 article on Wikipedia today and I noticed both entries in the External Links section point to my sites ( and The latter being the new home for the G2 specs after was allowed to expire. This got me thinking that it looks like I’m the only one trying to keep G2 from completely disappearing.

This is partly to benefit others and partly out of self-interest. I don’t think the G2 protocol as a whole is all that spectacular anymore, if it ever was. But parts of the protocol can be reapplied to accomplish other things. For example, at its core is a specification for a compact, extensible tree structure for communication. This could be made generic and used for all sorts of applications outside of G2. The search mechanism of a random walk is not original or unique but it’s the largest P2P network I’m aware of that still makes use of it so from that perspective it could be interesting to study.

I run the crawler out of self-interest. I like data, statistics, and graphs. I never turn down the opportunity to collect raw data and turn it into graphs and make inferences from the data.

I started maintaining the G2 website sometime in (late?) 2005 and moved it to its current home in October 2007. The crawler has similarly been running since late 2005. Here’s to many more years to come.